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May 2003

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Supported Devices

This release supports the following Pocket PC devices:


To use Port SDK 1.2, you need to have the following:


  1. Close all running embedded Visual C++ instances.
  2. Run PortSDK.msi by double clicking. In the following PORTSDK_ROOT will be called the directory you have choosen to install Port SDK and EVC_ROOT the directory where embedded Visual C++ is installed.
  3. Move the following file from your Port SDK installation directory to your embedded Visual C++ directory:
    PORTSDK_ROOT\extra\pozard.awk --> EVC_ROOT\Common\EVC\Template
  4. Start embedded Visual C++

Testing the installation

  1. Make sure that PocketConsole is installed on your Pocket PC device. You can download PocketConsole from
  2. In embedded Visual C++ clickFile->New
    In the projects tab there should be a new application wizard visible called "PocketConsole Application". Select this applcation wizard and choose a name for your project.
  3. When the PocketConsole wizard dialogbox pops up, select "A hello world progam". check also the "Use Portlib" checkbox and click Ok.
  4. Select your Pocket PC platform as active configuration.
  5. Press Ctrl-F5 to compile and run.
  6. After a few seconds there should appear a console on your Pocket PC displaying the magic words "Hello World".
  7. To close the application press any key on one of your Pocket PC keyboards or clickFile->Close on the console-menu

Using PocketConsole with the Emulator

In order to use Port SDK and PocketConsole with the Pocket PC 2002 Emulator you have to perform the following steps:

Known Issues

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