PocketConsole v1.3

A Windows NT-like Console for the Pocket PC

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General / Installation

Q. Where is the application to start ?

A. PocketConsole is a console device driver and not an application. What you mean is probably the command prompt application. There are two of them on the applications page, CMD and PocketCMD.

Q. Whenever I start a specific GUI (non-console) application PocketConsole pops up and hides my applications window. What's going on here ?

A. This happens if the application makes a call through one of the stdout functions. The reason for this call can be some debug diagonstic code that has been accidentally left in the released application.
As a workaround for this problem there has been implemented a switch to disable PocketConsole. Start the PocketConsole control applet from the settings panel select the config page. You can enable/disable PocketConsole by (un)checking the "Activate PocketConsole" checkbox.

Q. Will PocketConsole run on Windows CE.NET?

A. Not at the moment. This has to be planned for the next release.

Q. Will PocketConsole run on Intel XScale devices?

A. Yes, select the ARM version.



Q. Do I need Port SDK to develop PocketConsole applications ?

A. No, Port SDK is not required for developing console applications. But Port SDK makes writing Console applications much easier and provides more powerful features to PocketConsole. (Read this article for details)

Q.  Can I use PocketConsole with the Emulator ?

A. PocketConsole will run on the Pocket PC 2002 emulator but not on the old Pocket PC emulator. You can find the cab installation files in the "extras" folder of Port SDK.   

Q. Will PocketConsole / Port SDK support emVC++ 4.0 ?

A.  Not at the moment. This has to be planned for the next release.

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